How To Make Money Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies

April 30, 2020 - 2 min read

To make money buying and selling cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand certain facts about the industry. The crypto-industry generates 200 times more revenue than stock! As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the cryptocurrency market cap grew beyond expectations in 2017-2018. In fact, in December of 2017, the crypto-industry’s market value rose to nearly $700 billion. More than 1,700 crypto-exchanges exist in the market today, providing numerous options for anyone wishing to buy and sell digital currencies. The time is ripe to enter the crypto-industry

The cryptocurrency market in 2018 is on a roller-coaster ride, but there’s no denying that it’s a successful industry. Most investors who bought these assets back in 2010 gave up hope of digital coins ever becoming a mainstream investment. However, the market rewarded them soundly, almost a decade after they invested. Even as early as 2015, the market displayed an upward trend and hit $20,000 in the second half of 2017! It’s prudent to make use of the 2018 bearish trend to buy into the market, rather than exiting it in a rush. High ROI is always a good incentive to invest in a particular asset. Cryptocurrencies are exponentially more profitable than traditional investments like stock, real estate and mutual funds. Even a beginner can trade on cryptocurrency exchanges No prior experience in trading is necessary to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The exchanges are uncomplicated and the trades are usually straight-forward. Since crypto-trades are still just a decade old, chances are that all traders are almost equally new to the field. Moreover, crypto-exchanges have a global reach. Anyone can conduct trade from any corner of the world; a connection to the internet is all it takes. Make money buying and selling cryptocurrencies 24X7 Unlike traditional exchange platforms that function Monday through Friday, and function only for a set period of time, crypto-exchanges are operational 24X7! The open market gives cryptocurrency trades an edge over regular trades as traders can engage in exchange around the clock.

Buy and sell on a secure & profitable crypto-exchange According to a survey in early 2018, most customers are concerned about the safety of their cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Numerous accounts about exchange breaches keep traders on high alert. Fortunately, crypto-exchanges are becoming increasingly secure, with multiple layers of security. Centralized exchanges are considered the safest because the platforms demand a KYC/AML procedure before an access to trade. It is also important to choose an exchange that does not cut into the profit margin with unreasonable fees. In conclusion, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is one of the most rewarding business ventures of the decade. The market is moving towards stability this year and shows promise of becoming a profitable long-term investment.